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Our Mission

 Logos Builder is your Premier Custom Home Builder in Marble Falls TX, Horseshoe Bay TX. & Beyond.  Providing professional services of unparalleled caliber, Logos Builder utilizes prodigies, savants & proverbial “geniuses”!

Indeed – these are the top choices for the clients of Logos Builder, – so you can be assured that your project’s needs are being handled by well rounded intellectuals who have practical experience in key fields & an excellent grasp on the depths of a myriad of operating principles needed to make your project shine with excellence.

As a result, Logos Builder come at a premium — but many of our clients can testify that their back-end saving$ offset the costs of choosing Logos Builder. And THAT is the difference between choosing excellence over the “lower bid”!

 Logos Builder exists to make healthier more environmentally conscious structures while taking aim at critical world housing shortages. We merge innovative technologies, which improves upon age old earth construction methods, with sustainable business and job creation for the transformation of global communities.

LogosBuilder.Com was created from the question of how to link the richest people that inhabit the earth to the poorest in order to simultaneously deliver sustainable building solutions to both. To do this we have created an efficient and intuitive building system using local/renewable resources that both the rich and poor can access. Together we could build the home of your dreams. Call us now @ 830.693.5400. 

Logos Builder Compressed Earth Block & Rammed Earth Construction Advantages

Long History

Earth is the oldest building material known to man. Since the beginning of time people all over the world have been using the dirt under their feet to make quality structures. The oldest standing and continually inhabited buildings in the world are made of earth. Earth Blocks bring the added benefit of engineering and design to modernize this age old building method.


Earth Blocks are all natural and will not emit toxic gases from glues and preservatives as many other building materials do. Earth Blocks create buildings that are able to naturally regulate heat and humidity inside the structures they create. This regulation of humidity greatly increases indoor air quality which is the cause of many common illnesses often attributed to the seasons.


Earth Blocks have the lowest embodied energy of any building material. They have the smallest carbon footprint and can easily be made to be carbon neutral. Earth Blocks make the most energy efficient structures by taking the strain off of heating and cooling systems.

Cost Effective

Producing Earth Blocks locally helps to eliminate transportation costs. Cement content is greatly reduced to make Earth Blocks as strong or stronger than other materials available locally. Earth Blocks also reduce life-cycle costs of building operations by creating more energy efficient structures. 

Strong & Durable

Dwell Earth equipment and processes produce the highest quality Earth Blocks in the world. Earth Blocks can meet and exceed concrete block strengths that are produced locally and greatly exceed locally made country fired brick strengths. Our building system is reinforceable allowing modern engineering designs to be applied so that buildings can withstand even the most disastrous circumstances.

Environmentally Friendly

Compressed earth blocks have the lowest embodied energy of any building material and create structures that are superior in energy efficiency. Earth Blocks are able to regulate temperature and humidity naturally so less energy is required to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Reliable Contractor Experts


As a premier company dedicated to providing premier customer service, it is important to us to deliver unparalleled workmanship on every assignment.​ We offer a wide range of services to meet your project needs and ensure durable and cost effective workmanship.

Communication is Key


We will work with you to meet deadlines and coordinate with other related projects. We will maintain open communication with you to keep you up to date on the status of your job. We do this to guarantee that the project is completed according to your preferences.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


 We strive to save you both time and money by combining our use of industry knowledge, the highest quality parts and equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional service. We will not leave the job until it is finished and you are satisfied.


How we can help

Our Mission

LogosBuilder.Com has taken compressed earth block (CSEB) building technology to the next level:

Proven block strengths greater than cement block standards
Intuitive V-Lock block design enables faster wall construction with the ability to accept steel reinforcements in seismic zones
TRUE GREEN design solutions

LogosBuilder.Com delivers innovative building solutions utilizing advanced compressed earth block construction technologies, appropriate design, and project management by utilizing local resources to help transform lives and communities. 

Our Values

Creating Purpose – assisting businesses and organizations with a proven plan to tackle critical housing shortages worldwide

Building Greatness – always finding new innovations utilizing local resources to develop economic growth and sustainable jobs

Transforming Engagements – developing effective partnerships in the market place to drive measurable and sustainable results combating world housing deficits, the power of partnerships restore hope and dignity.

Success – our success is measured through fiscal stewardship, job creation and the transformation of lives and communities.

Compressed Earth Block Basics

What are Earth Blocks?

Earth Blocks, often referred to as compressed earth blocks (CEB) or stabilized compressed earth blocks (SCEB), are a high-quality construction material made from locally sourced soil containing clay. With proper mix design and 4 – 8% cement, Compressed Earth Blocks can meet and exceed compressive strength requirements for cement block in the United States.

What is a Compressed Earth Block?

Compressed Earth Block, Earth Block, or CEB is a construction material made from the dirt beneath your feet to build a wide variety of structures including homes, schools, churches, clinics, stores, barricades and fortifications.

Compressed Earth Blocks are made by compressing a soil and 4 -8 % Portland cement (used as a stabilizer) in a hydraulic press. These blocks can be used to build with after curing for 7 days. They reach full strength and become water resistant after a 28-day cure period.

Why should I build with Compressed Earth Block?

There are numerous reasons to build with Earth Block. In addition to the fact that an estimated 2 billion or 30% of the earth’s population live in earthen structures, Earth Block Structures:

Creates superior indoor environments

• Earth Block structures are warm, solid, and quiet. It has been described as having a warm comfortable blanket wrapped around you.

Environmentally sound

• Earth Block structures can use up to 20 to 30% less energy to heat and cool than concrete block or wood frame structures.

• Dirt is a renewable resource that is plentiful.

• Earth Blocks take very little energy to make compared to the extreme heat necessary to make cement, the firing process required to make bricks, and the deforestation required to build with wood.

• Earth Block walls are sound proof, fire proof, bullet proof, bug proof, and mold proof.

Use materials available locally

• Materials to make earth blocks are plentiful and can often be found locally reducing transportation costs and environmental impact. Earth blocks can often be made at the construction site which eliminates the need to transport the materials required to build the walls.


• Since the blocks are made from natural materials they do not out-gas any toxic chemicals like most conventional building components.

Long lasting

Earthen homes have been around for thousands of years. Earth Blocks will last for centuries. Average life of a wood frame building is 49 years.

Compressed Earth Block Construction

What can I build with Compressed Earth Block? CEB’s can be used in place of conventional masonry products in many types of applications including:

Dwellings – from low cost to upscale

Public buildings, including schools, churches, clinics, etc.

Commercial and industrial buildings

Military applications such as barricades, fortifications, and security walls

Walls and linings for canals, dams, drains, and erosion protection

Storage facilities for waste and toxic materials

Mining applications

Disaster relief

Is it difficult to build with CEB’s?

No. The Compressed Earth Block designed by Dwell Earth made by the Vermeer BP 714 is called the V Lock Block. The V Lock Block is uniform in all three dimensions. It has a unique interlocking design which allows it to be dry stacked or motared and does not require traditional labor intensive skill associated with masonary construction. Like substances bond making the wall a monolithic structure.

All of these features make for a much more economical wall system. Walls can be built much faster than conventional masonry.

What size is a V Lock Block?

A V Lock Block (VLB) is 17cm X 35 cm X 10 cm (7” X 14” X 4”)

(1 V Lock Block = .39 sq ft (or) .036 sq M)

(1 sq ft of wall requires 2.2 Blocks)

(1 sq M of wall requires 27.7 Blocks)

A wall 2.4 meters (8 feet) high and 9.1 meters (30 feet) long would take approximately 619 V Lock Earth Blocks.

What type of foundation is required?

A Compressed Earth Block wall requires at least 25 cm (10”) thick and 33% wider than the wall width.

How tall can an Earth Block building be?

Multiple story Earth Block structures can be made but design considerations need to be taken to accommodate local building requirements and variations.

How much soil is required?

A V Lock Block weighs approximately 22 – 25 lbs. A cubic yard of soil weighs approximately 2,600 lbs. So you can make approximately 118 – 104 V Lock Blocks per yard of soil. A 30 square meter structure would require approximately 12 yards of soil to construct.

The voids in the V Lock Blocks reduce the required soil by 30% compared to other solid Compressed Earth Blocks.

How do I finish the surface of an Earth Block wall?

Compressed Earth Block walls can be painted using cementious paint or clear coat. Both inner and outer walls can also be covered with plaster, using a wire lathe which has the additional benefit of adding strength to the wall system. There are also several natural plastering methods that can be applied.

Can a Compressed Earth Block wall stand up to seismic activity?

Shake table tests have shown Compressed Earth Block walls built with steel reinforcements offer superior seismic performance. Additionally, V Lock Blocks were designed so vertical and horizontal reinforcement can be integrated into the wall system design essentially creating a steel basket within the wall system.

Is a Compressed Earth Block wall expensive to build?

No. The Compressed Earth Block designed by Dwell Earth that is produced by the BP 714 is called the V Lock Block. The V Lock Block is uniform in all three dimensions. It has a unique interlocking design. These features make for a much more economical wall system. Walls can be built much faster than conventional masonry.


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